Who are we and what is PureFire?

Our Mission

To Create an educational resource for Cancer affected individuals, where they get plain and simple answers to their queries from experts in the field, and can decide the best possible course for themselves.

We shall strive to respond to every message and email, while at the same time building a simple readable Publication based on these queries.
You can get in touch with us here: purefireca@gmail.com

As we’re Doctors ourselves, and for the more curious reader, we’ll also go through the latest in research and bring it forth, while explaining the procedures and treatment options available for the benefit of the readers.

Who Are WE?

To begin with, we’re two simple Doctors on our own respective journeys through life.

I’m Dr. Antonio D’Costa– pursuing an MD Pediatrics in Mumbai, while the other is Dr. Sujoy Fernandes– working on his Radio Oncology Degree at AIIMS, India.

The story of Pure Fire begins:

I run a blog- CostaPG, where I interact with Doctors working to clear their exams in order to get selected for an MD seat in a good college.

Over the course of a year, I realised that I was getting a lot of emails and messages from Doctors with the grand theme being that they were distracted from studies by the stresses of a close relative suffering from Cancer.

This hit a high nerve when a message finally came from a close friend.

Thus I decided to build something for these folk.

Now the only person I knew of who had the same dream was, well- Dr. Sujoy; And being a Radio Oncologist he was right at home in this vast field.

So It finally made sense to build something of Pure Value for patients suffering from cancer, and their close families.

And this is It.
Simple beginnings are the best.

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