Pure Fire

We don’t just Care, We put in the Effort.

The Pure Fire Credos

Core Principal

Go beyond patient expectations, Always.


  1. Friendly service & excellent value (patients are guests);

“make patients away from home feel that they’re among friends and really wanted”

  1. Always strive to provide the most optimum, and up-to-date care for patients.

    Incubate and encourage advances in healthcare within the organisation itself to further this.
  1. Treat each employee with dignity, and as Partners.
    Promote employee growth through improving their skills.
  1. Progress in each of these, for every individual, with every work we do, through whatever difficulties we may come across.

Every day for a Cancer patient is Important; And every Effort taken to improve Quality of Life by Medical Professionals and 💕 Loved Ones alike makes a difference.

This is why PURE FIRE

If you’re a Cancer Survivor, Pure Fire 🔥 would be your platform to give back and help someone come out through the other end– moulded as a fiery Knight.

If you’re a Cancer Affected individual, or a concerned relative- here would be where you’d find the resources to clear your doubts and questions, and arm you up;
– Here is where you’d find your support.

If you’re a Doctor👨‍⚕️- Kindly Teach us, Educate us; For Knowledge from the Wise is calming to the mind.

Dear Cancer,

Welcome to the end of your life.

PS: I Promise you it’s going to hurt.

This is Pure Fire.

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